Towards the end of the last century a few young graduates from medical school were planning to start their carreer with a zeal to serve the ailing in the society.Ealier they had completed their training in various specialities of medicine.But unfortunately they were not finding a suitable place to run their clinic and achieve their aim.They continued searching for a place for a couple of years,ultimately came together and selected a location to start their practice.By the stroke of the new millennium, a dream came true giving birth to the currrenly well known clinic in North Kolkata.The naming of the clinic was in keeping with the historical moment.From its nascent stage the clinic gained size and momentum due to tremendous support of the patients and tireless dedication of those young doctors.Millennium clinic is held in very high esteem amongst the peers,patients and our society in general.All the doctors and dedicated staff have contributed towards its high standard of care and service.Almost all the major speciality clinics are run daily for the benefit of the patients.The doctors are all involved in day to day affairs of the clinic,patients can easily approach them with their problems.It is no wonder that Millennium clinic is now considered as a benchmark for others as a centre of excellence.






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Address:Kanchangangha Apartment,
Teghoria VIP Road, Kolkata – 700 059
West Bengal, India